Meeting Minutes

10-26-23 via Zoom

Julie Gundlach, President Kathrine Kramer
Aaron Teitelbaum Vice President  Brian Farris
Joe McEuen Secretary Matt Balcer
Dan Brassil, Treasurer

10-26-23  4:31 pm via Zoom


Julie Gundlach, President                               

Aaron Teitelbaum Vice President                 Brian Farris

Joe McEuen Secretary                                    

Dan Brassil, Treasurer 

Kathrine Kramer         




  1. Review and Approval of Minutes and Financials


       1st Aaron

        2nd Julie

Approved Financials  Notes:  Beverage purchases seemed to have doubled up.  Brian will look into.

        1st Joe

        2nd Aaron


  1. Managers Report
  2. Brian review the report he put together (see attached)



  1. On Going Business
  2. Upstairs bathrooms need to be assessed, misc repairs needed
  3. Floor mats for entrance, will send dimensions to Joe M. for quote
  4. Various other: Water pressure upstairs, no hot water in the basement, 2nd floor room needs new chairs
  5. Brian putting together a list of technology and authorized users, ex; e-mail /web, merchant acct, alarm, charter, etc.
  6. Golf tournament good, put together a checklist of to do’s to follow.



  1. New Business

Nothing new discussed

  1. Create a Budget for 2024 Dan and Julie
  2. New Fundraisers, long term commitments, Champions of the Club concept….just touched on this at the end of the meeting
  3. Aaron, Idea for members, discounted membership for Trufusion fitness…part of Members with Benefits campaign.


  1. Adjourn

Time: 5:10pm                                                Move to close: Aaron, 2nd Katherine

Meeting Minutes: Joe McEuen                   Next meeting:  Nov. 30th

October 2023 Club Status Report

  1. Kitchen/Counter Status Report
    1. Two new hires.
      1. Sherry W. started this month, she’s come to us from Hilljack House.
      2. Johnathan H. started as well, he is a former vet that is in Jefferson Barracks recovery program.
    2. Sherry W is taking over the cleaning of the club, Jessica N must go back to full time at her regular job.
    3. Square register went out.
      1. Peter A, a member of the club, donated his old register to us for the time being.
      2. Anita and I tried calling Square to resolve the problem, however since we are both not authorized users, we couldn’t do much. We will be sitting down together at the beginning of the month to start a Square account in both of our names.
    4. Club Status Report
      1. 53 meetings at the club currently.
        1. No new meetings to report.
        2. Three meetings (247, 287, & AA Discussion) have been struggling as of late and are looking for more guests and chairpersons to help.
      2. 427 members currently.
        1. 49 members not current of their dues
      3. Starting to organize a plan for Thanksgiving at the club.
        1. Have 3 volunteers so far.
        2. Me and my mother will be cooking all the food, will be having Schnucks cook all the turkeys just like last year.
      4. Our emails have been temporarily shut down, working with IT department to get issue resolved, sent out email to members.
    5. In Conclusion
      1. Working through all the challenges this month with the email and register.
      2. The golf tournament final total should be coming within the week.
      3. Both new employees are working out great, have a full staff.

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