Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes



Julie Gundlach, President                        Present Katherine Kramer 

Aaron Teitelbaum Vice President                        Matt Balcer      

Joe McEuen Secretary                                            Brian Farris

Dan Brassil, Treasurer           




  1. Review and Approval of Minutes and Financials

Approved Minutes

        1st Matt

        2nd Aaron

Approved:  questions on cable and sewer expense, cable high and sewer inconsistent, profits up from last April

        1st Katie

        2nd Joe


  1. Presidents Report
  2. 10 days on the job, two new members, Katherine Kramer and Joe McEuen
  3. First official board meeting


  1. Committee Reports
  2. Outreach Committee-clarify benefits to membership.


  1. Director/Manager Report-Brian
  2. Mike quit, Melissa hired
  3. 51 Meetings one added
  4. 337 members, 57 not paid
  5. Counter sales up primarily due to Tues. mtg.


  1. On Going Business
  2. Golf tournament Oct 1st.
  3. Funds used for Kitchen, bathroom flooring, repair pot holes in the parking lot

Approved-1st Aaron 2nd Matt

  1. Compensation package agreed to for Brian Farris.

Approved-1st Matt 2nd Aaron

  1. Need to get a list of service providers for general repairs (plumbing, electrical, paint, etc.)


  1. New Business
  2. Clean up the By-Laws
  3. Transparency to members/communications
  4. Better understand obligation as a non-profit


  1. Adjourn

Time: 5:35pm

Meeting Minutes: Joe McEuen